Tex-Lam Solid Plastic Partitions are resistant to scratching, gouging, denting and impact in heavy traffic areas. The sheets are attractive, graffiti-resistant and ideal for bathroom partitions, benches, shower stalls, and privacy screens.

  • Moisture, corrosion and impact resistant
  • Does not rust, never needs painting and will not delaminate
  • Resists mildew and odor
  • Graffiti-resistant: resists paints, pencils, pens and most markers
  • Optional, Antimicrobial protection available

XLFH Overhead Braced 
This is the most durable style of partitions. It is attached to the floor and stabilized at the top of the pilaster with anti-grip headrail. Floor mounted overhead braced material is recommended for heavy traffic or vandalism prone areas. It does not require any special floor or ceiling construction which makes it suitable for new or existing buildings.

Tex-Lam Toilet Partitions Solid Plastic (HDPE) Tech Data


Doors, Panels and pilasters are constructed from 1″ Thick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE resins pressed under high pressure to form a single component. This material is waterproof, non-absorbent and has a self-lubricating surface which resists marks from graffiti. All plastic components are shipped with a self-adhesive coating for protection.

Panels and Doors

Panels and doors are fabricated 55″ high, all edges are rounded to a 1/8″ radius.

Pilasters and Shoes

The floor edge of the pilaster shall be provided with a 5/16″ zinc plated lag Screw for leveling. Pilasters are secured to the floor using a 4′  high, one-piece, type 304 stainless steel shoe with a #4 stain brushed finish.


Tex-Lam standard hardware is constructed from 6463- T-5 heavy duty aluminum. Compartments are provided with all hardware and stainless torx head fasteners for installation.


Aluminum 8″ Height Wrap Around (Std.)
Continuous S/S Spring Loaded Hinge (optional)

Wall Brackets

Stirrup Style -Aluminum (3 per connection std.)
Aluminum Continuous (optional)
Stainless Steel Continuous (optional)

Door Hardware

Standard 8′  height round barrel aluminum wrap around hinge. Strike/Keeper is 6″ long and is fabricated from heavy-duty extruded aluminum (6463- T-5) ,with wraparound flanges. Strike/Keeper is mounted to the plaster with thrubolts. Coat hooks, door bumpers and door pulls are provided in a Zamac alloy with satin finish. Theft-resistant fasteners are supplied with all hardware.


Anodized aluminum headrail is extruded with anti-grip profile with curtain track standard.


Optional Continuous brackets when required are fabricated from heavy-duty aluminum, are 54″ long and are available in single-or double- ear style.